Rocky Mountain Bio Products represents only the highest quality sustainable, natural, organic fertilizers and soil amendments available on the market today.  Our products are beneficial for soil structure , plant health and plant growth.  These products are research proven in the field and in the laboratory and have achieved award-winning results around the world.  Our products have proven results for mining and superfund reclamation, post fire regeneration, road construction revegetation, landscape applications and fertilization, golf course construction and maintenance and agriculture.

Please check our brochures and research pages covering Biosol OMRI, Biosol Forte, Earthgreen Menefee Humate All Natural Organic Soil Conditioner product line and Mycorrhizal Applications line of myccorrhizae.  Our products have been specified and used by many DOT's, National Park Service, U.S. municipalities, landscapers, homeowners and organic farmers.  Increase your projects success "naturally".  

Rocky Mountain Regions best resource for Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Our product lines include:

Biosol Natural Organic Fertilizer:  USDA BioPreferred Listed, Biosol, also know as dry mycelium, is a by-product from the manufacture of penicillin. Biosol promotes a healthy balance of microbes, insuring the long-term green color and health of your turf and plants.  Biosol was developed the same way slow release vitamins were developed for humans. This slow uniform release mimics the natural growing cycle of plants, making nutrients more readily available for root absorption. Biosol has been researched from around the world and is recognized as the “World’s Best Fertilizer”. 

Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc: USDA BioPreferred Listed, is the world’s leader in the production of diverse quality mycorrhizal inoculums that are produced for landscapers, farms, forest nurseries, restoration and erosion control companies, hydro seeders and manufacturers. They research, and contribute to, a database of over 50,000 mycorrhizal abstracts and maintain their own research laboratory. About 95% of the world’s land plants form a mycorrhizal relationship in their native habitats. It is estimated that mycorrhizal fungal filaments explore hundreds to thousands more soil volume compared to roots alone.

Earthgreen Menefee Humate All Natural Organic Soil Conditioner:  USDA BioPreferred Listed, is a natural trace mineral, carbon and humic acid (fresh water source) based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. It improves the plant’s ability to utilize vital nutrients, increasing plant growth and development.

Our products may be used in conjunction with each other or may be used as stand alone products.  The products work very well in all types of growing environments, from the harsh conditions of mine reclamation and road side revegetation, where all traces of top soil and microbial activity have been striped or removed, to provide a healthy growing environment for native grasses and forbes. They have been used in lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, tree and shrub planting, revegetation, landscaping, pastures, and organic farming. Our products are research proven in the field and in the lab. They have received award winning results around the world.


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